Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises

Half-Day Fishing Trips (3 Daily), 12-13 Hour Gulf Stream Fishing Trips, 2-3 Hour Dolphin Cruises, Inter-Coastal Waterway Cruises, Private Sport Fishing Charters, and more! Located 15 minutes from Myrtle Beach. Visit us online at

Our Boats: The Super Voyager III

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voyager_deep_sea_fishing_dolphin_cruises_1The Super Voyager III is a custom 100′ aluminum passenger vessel, featuring triple turbo charged V-12 Detroit Diesel engines (725 HP each). It is the largest party fishing boat. Features include:

  • Bunk rooms for 24 hour trips
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Spacious back deck
  • Triple 725 horsepower turbo diesel engines for speed and reliability

Captain Larry will be running the boat on all Gulf Stream trips. Available for 12 & 24 hour large group charters!


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